Systematic Theology is the attempt to organize all the Christian doctrines in a logical order, gathering all of what Scripture teaches on a given topic and making a claim based on those truths. Systematic Theology and Biblical Theology serve and support each other. Both are essential to understanding Scripture and sound theology. This bilingual course was produced in 2021 by John Knox Institute of Higher Education.


  • Module 1 – Prologomena: The Doctrine of First Principles 序言
    1. Methodology 方法论
    2. Creeds and Confessions 信经与信条
    3. Scripture 圣经
    4. Revelation 启示
    5. Inspiration of Scripture 圣经的默示
    6. Properties of Inspired Scripture 受默示的圣经属性
    7. The Canon of Holy Scripture 圣经正典
    8. Preservation and Translation of Scripture 圣经的保存与翻译
    9. Interpretation of Scripture 圣经的诠释
    10. The Continuity of Scripture 圣经的连续性
  • Module 2 – Theology: The Doctrine of God 神论
    1. Introduction 导论
    2. The Nature, Means, and Limits of Knowing God 认识神的本质、方式和限制
    3. The Names of God 神的名字
    4. God’s Being 神的存有
    5. The Attributes of God (Part 1) 神的属性(1)
    6. The Attributes of God (Part 2) 神的属性(2)
    7. The Attributes of God (Part 3) 神的属性(3)
    8. The Trinity 三位一体
    9. God’s Decree 神的预旨
    10. Predestination 预定论
    11. Creation 创造
    12. Providence 护理
  • Module 3 – Anthropology: The Doctrine of Man 人论
    1. Introduction 导论
    2. The Nature of Man 人的本质
    3. Man as the Image of God 人是神的形象
    4. The Freedom of Man’s Will 人意志的自由
    5. The Nature of Sin 罪的本质
    6. The Doctrine of Original Sin 原罪的教义
    7. The Doctrine of Total Depravity 全然败坏的教义
    8. The Doctrine of the Covenant of Works 行为之约的教义
    9. The Doctrine of the Covenant of Grace 恩典之约的教义
    10. The Doctrine of the Law of God 神律法的教义
  • Module 4 – Christology 基督论
    1. Introduction to Christology 导论
    2. The Divinity of Christ 基督的神性
    3. The Humanity of Christ 基督的人性
    4. The Hypostatic Union 神人合一
    5. Christ as Mediator 基督作中保
    6. The States of Christ 基督的国度
    7. The Offices of Christ 基督的职分
    8. Necessity, Nature of Atonement 赎罪的必要性和本质
    9. The Extent of the Atonement 赎罪的范围
    10. Christ and the Nations 基督与万国
  • Module 5 – Soteriology: The Doctrine of Salvation 救恩论
    1. Introduction 导论
    2. Union with Christ 与基督联合
    3. Effectual Calling 有效的呼召
    4. Saving Faith 得救的信心
    5. Repentance 悔改
    6. Justification 称义
    7. Adoption 得儿子的名分
    8. Sanctification 成圣
    9. Good Works 善行
    10. Perseverance of the Saints 圣徒的坚忍
    11. Assurance of Grace and Salvation 恩典与救恩的确据
  • Module 6 – Ecclesiology 教会论
    1. Introduction 导论
    2. What Does the Bible Say About the Church 圣经关于教会的说法
    3. The Nature of the Church 教会的本质
    4. The Authority of the Church 教会的权柄
    5. Church Government 教会的治理
    6. Church Offices 教会的职分
    7. Church Discipline 教会的纪律
    8. Worship and Means of Grace 敬拜和蒙恩之道
    9. Christian Baptism 基督徒的洗礼
    10. The Lord’s Supper 主的晚餐
  • Module 7 – Eschatology 末世论
    1. Introduction 导论
    2. The Doctrine of Death 关于死的教义
    3. Events Leading to the Second Coming 基督再来之前的事件
    4. Interpreting the Book of Revelation 解释启示录
    5. The Jews 犹太人
    6. Dispensational Premillenialism 时代前千禧年论
    7. The Second Coming and the Resurrection 基督再来和复活
    8. The Judgement 审判
    9. Hell 地狱
    10. Heaven 天堂