The lectures in this fifth module on the Doctrine of Salvation are, like the others, introductory, not exhaustive, and they’re intended to furnish you with a foundation that you can build upon in your further studies. As you’ll recall from the first module, theology, broadly defined, has to do with the study of the knowledge of God, and all that he has revealed for us to believe and do. We noted that it is the doctrine of living unto God through Christ, thus addressing both our thinking and our living. The Doctrine of Salvation, therefore, is an indispensible component to Systematic Theology. 与其他课程一样,第五单元中关于救恩论的讲座是介绍性的,并非详尽无遗,它们旨在为你提供一个基础,使你可以在此基础上进一步学习。回顾一下第一单元中的内容,从广义来说,神学是关乎认识神的研究,关乎祂启示出来、要我们相信和遵行的一切。我们知道,这是藉着基督向神而活的教义,所以既关乎我们的思想、也关乎我们的生活。因此,救恩论是系统神学不可或缺的一部分。

1. Introduction 导论

2. Union with Christ 与基督联合

3. Effectual Calling 有效的呼召

4. Saving Faith 得救的信心

5. Repentance 悔改

6. Justification 称义

7. Adoption 得儿子的名分

8. Sanctification 成圣

9. Good Works 善行

10. Perseverance of the Saints 圣徒的坚忍

11. Assurance of Grace and Salvation 恩典与救恩的确据