The purpose of this current module is to explore what the Bible teaches about God Himself, which is to say, what God reveals to us about God. So if you wish to gain a deeper understanding of who the Lord is, these lectures aim to benefit you. The lectures in this second module on the doctrine of God are, like the others, introductory, not exhaustive; and they’re intended to furnish you with a foundation that you can build upon in your further studies. But that is not to say that they will be easy. When we think about the God of glory, we are dealing with deep and difficult matters. And this requires reverence, humility, diligence, and much prayer that the Lord would open our eyes to behold a glimpse of His glory by faith. 本单元的目的是探索圣经中有关神本身的教导,也就是说,神向我们揭示了哪些关于神的事情。因此,如果你想更深入地了解主是谁,这些讲座将使你受益。与其他单元一样,第二单元中关于神论的讲座是介绍性的,并非详尽无遗;它们旨在为你提供一个基础,使你可以在此基础上进一步学习。但这并不是说它们会很容易。当我们想到荣耀的神时,我们正在处理深奥而困难的事情。这需要敬畏、谦卑、勤奋,以及更多地祷告求主打开我们的眼睛,使我们因信瞥见祂的荣耀。

1. Introduction 导论

2. The Nature, Means, and Limits of Knowing God 认识神的本质、方式和限制

3. The Names of God 神的名字

4. God’s Being 神的存有

5. The Attributes of God (Part 1) 神的属性(1)

6. The Attributes of God (Part 2) 神的属性(2)

7. The Attributes of God (Part 3) 神的属性(3)

8. The Trinity 三位一体

9. God’s Decree 神的预旨

10. Predestination 预定论

11. Creation 创造

12. Providence 护理