The first two lectures of this course provide an introduction to the whole of all seven modules. The remainder of this first module is devoted to the first of the seven sections of systematic theology—what we call “the doctrine of first principles,” which covers the first doctrinal truths that are necessary for studying theology. We’ll begin to take up the doctrine of first principles in our third lecture and in the remaining lectures of this course. 本单元的前两课介绍了整体七个单元,其余部分专门介绍系统神学七个部分中的第一部分——我们称之为「第一原理的教义」,它涵盖了学习神学所必须的首要教义性真理。我们将在第三课及其后的课程里学习第一原理的教义。

1. Methodology 方法论

2. Creeds and Confessions 信经与信条

3. Scripture 圣经

4. Revelation 启示

5. Inspiration of Scripture 圣经的默示

6. Properties of Inspired Scripture 受默示的圣经属性

7. The Canon of Holy Scripture 圣经正典

8. Preservation and Translation of Scripture 圣经的保存与翻译

9. Interpretation of Scripture 圣经的诠释

10. The Continuity of Scripture 圣经的连续性