In the Gospel of Matthew, in Matthew 16, Jesus has an important conversation with his disciples. They’re in the town of Caesarea Philippi, a town outside of Israel, and Jesus begins in Matthew, chapter 16, verse 13, with a very simple question for his disciples: “Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?” Jesus wants his disciples to tell him what other people are saying about his identity, about who he is. The disciples tell Jesus, in verse 14, that some people say that he is John the Baptist. Some people say that he is Elijah. Other people say that he is Jeremiah. Still other people say that he is simply one of the prophets. 在马太福音第16章,耶稣与祂的门徒进行了一次重要的谈话。他们在凯撒利亚腓立比,一个以色列以外的城镇,耶稣从马太福音第16章第13节开始,向祂的门徒提出一个非常简单的问题:「人说我人子是谁? 」耶稣希望祂的门徒告诉祂,其他人对祂的身份、祂是谁的看法。门徒在第14节告诉耶稣,有人说祂是施洗约翰,有人说祂是以利亚,其他人说祂是耶利米,还有人说祂只是先知之一。

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  1. Introduction to Christology
  2. The Divinity of Christ
  3. The Humanity of Christ
  4. The Hypostatic Union
  5. Christ as Mediator
  6. The States of Christ
  7. The Offices of Christ
  8. Necessity, Nature of Atonement
  9. The Extent of the Atonement
  10. Christ and the Nations