With the church of all ages, we confess the Apostles’ Creed, “I believe in the holy catholic church.” In the following courses, we want to study the doctrine of the church. The theological expression for the Doctrine of the Church is “Ecclesiology”. This term is derived from two Greek words, “ekklesia” and “logia’’. Ekklesia means “congregation” or “assembly”, and logia means “word” or “logic”. The combination of these two words means “the study of the church.” Ecclesiology is one of the major areas of study in Christian Systematic Theology and investigates what the Bible teaches about the church, both universal—all believers in Christ, and local—local gatherings of believers in Christ. Ecclesiology is crucial to understanding God’s purpose for believers in the world today. 与历世历代的教会一起,我们承认使徒信经:「我相信圣而公的教会」。在接下来的课程中,我们要学习教会的教义。教会教义的神学术语是「教会论 Ecclesiology」。该术语源自两个希腊词「ekklesia」和「logia」,前者的意思是「会众」或「集会」,后者的意思是「话语」或「逻辑」。这两个词组合起来,意思是「教会的研究」。教会论是基督教系统神学的主要研究领域之一,它研究圣经关于教会的教导,包括普世的——在基督里的所有信徒,以及地方的——在基督里的信徒在某个地方的聚会。教会论对于理解神对信徒在今日世界的旨意至关重要。

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  1. Introduction
  2. What Does the Bible Say About the Church
  3. The Nature of the Church
  4. The Authority of the Church
  5. Church Government
  6. Church Offices
  7. Church Discipline
  8. Worship and Means of Grace
  9. Christian Baptism
  10. The Lord’s Supper