The scope of this third module is to explore what the Bible teaches about man. And what we learn from Scripture about God leads us to a right understanding of man. Men are tireless in their pursuit of understanding themselves. Their origin, their makeup, their identity, their purpose, and destiny, and so on. But true knowledge of man is not found within himself. It is discovered in what God reveals in Scripture. So if you wish to gain a deeper understanding of man, these lectures aim to benefit you. The lectures in this third module, on the Doctrine of Man, are introductory, not exhaustive, and they are intended to furnish you with a foundation that you can build upon in your further studies. 第三单元的内容是探索圣经中有关人的教导。我们从圣经中学到的关于神的知识,将引导我们正确地认识人。人类孜孜不倦地追求了解自己:他们的起源、组成、身份、目的和命运等等。但是,人们无法在自我里面寻得有关人的真知识,它只能在圣经中神的启示里被找到。因此,如果你想更深入地了解人,这些讲座将使你受益。第三单元中关于人论的讲座是介绍性的,并非详尽无遗,它们旨在为你提供一个基础,使你可以在此基础上进一步学习。

1. Introduction 导论

2. The Nature of Man 人的本质

3. Man as the Image of God 人是神的形象

4. The Freedom of Man’s Will 人意志的自由

5. The Nature of Sin 罪的本质

6. The Doctrine of Original Sin 原罪的教义

7. The Doctrine of Total Depravity 全然败坏的教义

8. The Doctrine of the Covenant of Works 行为之约的教义

9. The Doctrine of the Covenant of Grace 恩典之约的教义

10. The Doctrine of the Law of God 神律法的教义