Safety & Risk Management Policy

Coquitlam Mandarin Church has a spiritual, moral, and legal obligation to ensure that it provides a safe and secure environment for children, youth, vulnerable persons, leaders, and volunteers.

Safety and risk management policies and procedures strengthen a church’s ability to uphold the honour of Christ and the credibility of church ministry while protecting those who lead and participate in activities and ministries. In demonstration of our commitment to protecting children, youth, and vulnerable persons, the following policy is in place.

1. Safety and Risk Management Policy

This Safety and Risk Management Policy is the recognized minimum standard for implementing safety policies. This policy may be revised from time to time by action of the Lead Pastor or their designate.

2. Screening and Assessment

Prospective ministry personnel shall submit to the following recruitment and screening process:

  • Minimum of six months of church attendance required prior to approval of an application; any exceptions to this timeframe must be approved by the Board of Elders
  • Completion of a Ministry Application Form and a signed agreement with the Christian and Missionary Alliance Statement of Faith
  • Minimum of two reference checks from non-relatives, preferably from recent ministry leaders and/or employers
  • Licensed workers in the CPD must complete a criminal record check through the RCMP or local police that includes a vulnerable sector check every three years
  • Volunteers must complete a criminal record check every three years that includes a vulnerable sector check
  • Individuals who have been accused, convicted, or are under suspicion of crimes against children, youth, or vulnerable persons, or who have been convicted of violent crimes or other relevant crimes will not have any involvement in ministries or programs where children, youth, or vulnerable persons participate
  • Face to face interaction or interview with the ministry leader or designate
  • Annual training directed toward a clear understanding of the Safety and Risk Management Policy
  • Final approval of applicants

3. Identification, Supervision, and Protection of Volunteers

Ministry personnel will be intentionally identified and supervised. Ministry personnel, including church staff, members, adherents, and volunteers serving in a church-supported ministry are covered under liability insurance through the Canadian Pacific District Office (“District Office”).

4. Recordkeeping

Legally, the statute of limitations does not apply to the ongoing protection of children, youth, or vulnerable persons. Therefore, all safety and risk management records are confidential and must be kept permanently in a safe, secured location.

5. Protection of Children and Youth

Children and youth will be protected through intentional practices, including appropriate:

  • Leader/child and leader/student ratios
  • Leader/child and leader/student interactions
  • Display of affection guidelines
  • Safe receiving and dismissal procedures
  • Attendance records of students and volunteers
  • Diaper changing and bathroom procedures
  • Registration, medical consent, permission, and waiver forms
  • Offsite activities, overnight, and event procedures
  • Transportation guidelines
  • Anti-bullying guidelines
  • Social media guidelines

6. Facility

  • Church leadership will provide a safe physical environment, conducive to effective programming and supervision
  • Lockdown procedures will be in place that account for the design of the facility

7. Safety, First Aid, & Emergencies

Safety and first aid procedures will be in place, including, but not limited to:

  • Emergency evacuation plans and lockdown procedures
  • Injuries, infection, blood-borne pathogens, and infectious disease control
  • Medical emergency response plan
  • Incident reporting and follow up

8. Suspected Abuse

All incidents of suspected abuse will be reported and followed up according to the requirements of the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development.

The Lead Pastor or their designate shall work with the person reporting the incident to ensure that the appropriate process is observed and will immediately report the incident or alleged abuse to the District Office. Confidentiality of all persons shall be carefully protected.

One appointed spokesperson shall present a carefully prepared statement as needed.


Amendment Record

Adopted: April 28th, 2019